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    Guide to Lose Virginity For Men

    Hello Men, So you have reached at the stage that you want to lose your virginity. Now you become a man and you've waited a long time. The time has come to lose it. You have seen it on dvds and internet stuff, now it's your time men and you want to do it best as you can. Now you need a guide to help you to win this war complicated. Your friends didn't help you and now you've come to find it on Google. So don't worry men, you've to come at the right place. Here are some of the best guide that will lead to you having a great time.

    Lose Virginity

    The Girl: So you have a girl for sex, right. I know that you are thinking that this is So common but it’s still a fact. Now come down and sit quietly, read carefully about notions of what you want. It's depend on the girl that you have, if she is intelligent, beautiful and high qualify than change your standards. You are going to sleep with her so change yourself. She is not a bar girl because bar girls don't make sense to you and check out you. It’s highly likely she doesn’t find you repulsive enough to throw a glass on you if you pop the question.

    The Preparation: Before you go to do it, do a little bit of preparation on yourself for lost weight and for healthy. I don't want to say that you go at the gym and make six pack ABS, if you can do it, it's best for you. It is only for so you look good because woman don't attract to a fat man. Eat healthy food, use good deodorant and proper cleanliness. Check your breath if it is bad then prepared for it, use good mouth freshener because it creates a big problem when you kiss her.

    The Conversation: Conversation is the best act so you may know him very well and understand to each other before, during and after. Ask him about her interested in and read the topic so can make a good conversation with her. Use Poetry for him and Must appreciates her beauty. She knows it’s corny, but she still loves to hear it from you.

    The Present: Yes, You're absolutely thinking right. Now you need a present for her, it shows that you’re grateful she’s in your life. A present like a diamond or gold ring because woman loves. If you are not able to buy a diamond or gold ring don't worry, you can use other best present but don't forget to get something for her otherwise she will think you're a cheap man.

    The Foreplay: All right, the final moment has come. You have to start taking things a little slow. Don't move first, wait for she move first. If she is feeling shy and doesn't move still. Look into her eyes and move in close. Start from kissing her and she kisses you back, you are on the track. Go continuesly with the act of foreplay, gently kissing and touching all the spots around her neck, her back and her fingertips.

    Final Step Losing Your Virginity: Be careful man. It's your first time and do it carefully and normally. For all your imagination and great prowess, this will probably take only one-and-half and two minutes to finish but carefully. Enjoy the moment and make it special. Do not be tentative. Take charge. Don't use any dirty words when you are doing it, behave commonly. Listen to her and her body. You can't forget it because you took the effort that made this moment so special. After it’s over, be sure to compliment her and hold her close and talk about how special it was for you.
    Keep these steps and ideas in your when go for it. I hope everything will be fine.

    Best of luck! Man. 



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