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    Some Special Kinds of Sex a Man Desires

    Some Special Kinds of Sex a Man Desires
    If you know that having more sex in your love life help you to make your life happier too So if you want to a peephole in your partner's mind than add these all spark and fantasies kinds of sex and see your love grow stronger than ever. So let's Go to coutinue with reading and enjoy.
    Sex as Role Play: As a source, sex expert Lora Somoza says that "We all have fantasies" and we know everyone enjoy sex too. So keeping this in mind enjoy sex as play a role like naughty nurse or a certain movie star and more as your man fantasises about. Don't be shy about asking to your man to play a such role. Repeat your man name during sex again and again it creates a confidence to your man that you are enjoying him very well and if you're not sure about how to begin and where to begin, the best is try sex as pretending you don’t know each other.
    Role Play Sex

    Vacation Sex: Vacation sex is the best idea for enjoying sex in monsoon as it is coming in the next month. So take off and ready for a long drive, book a fancy hotel for a weekend and enjoy. If you can't afford a five-star hotel and a long weekend vacation then book a night at best hotel in your city as you can afford and your man will love it.
    Vacation Sex

    Lazy Sex: Sex doesn't always have to be enjoy a regular sex type in the bedroom, why don't both of you try sensual lazy sex. Yes, the next time or a good marning try lazy sex with your man. So both of you remove all your clothes, enjoy slow and soft and let your man snuggle up to you so he can feel your naked body. Lazy sex is best for de-stressing and make your love life stronger.
    Lazy Sex

    Make-Up Sex: Before make-up sex, first do love making fight with your man then try this and enjoy this hot sex. Sex expert Somaza Says that “Makeup sex is hot, steamy and loaded with all the emotion you just went through,”. Make-Up sex gives you electric charge and a hot feel. 
    Make-Up Sex

    Loud Sex: Use the four letter during sex with your man that you're too afraid to say. Do some bad thing like useing a bottle of wine psych yourself and be bold instead. Don't be shy to make noise loudly and one of the best is also use your man name and repeat it loudly. 

    Loud Sex

     Bathroom Sex: Bathroom sex is one of the best idea for making your love life lovely. Use the bathroom tab or shower for the best position. Sex in shower is the best place for busy women at night for making your love-life stronge. 


    Sex Somewhere: Sex in near at some famous place is an amazing and thrilling experience. You will never forget that day in your life. You can also try sex at the beach with a drink. Other place like your farm-house, at hotel balcony, swimming pool and park.
    Sex Somewhere

    BDSM: Use BDSM in your relationship with your man and enjoy. One most important thing is play opposite role in BDSM. Having a combination of BDSM and Scatting quite beautiful. Let's tie him up and begin your game.


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