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    Rihanna is Naked at CFDA Fashion Award and Shows Up Her Nipple

    Top singer Rihana goes practically naked at CFDA award. We know that Rihana has one of the most sexiest figure but if were unsure of how in shape she really is, she shows up her nipple at CFDA fashion award through tranprenet sequin dress. With dress up she simply added a nude leash and used a pink color fur wrap around as a way of protecting what little modesty she had left. 

    Rihanna is Naked at CFDA Fashion Award
    Rihanna is Naked at CFDA Fashion Award

    Although practically naked, Drake's on-off girlfriend looked flawless as usual, sporting smokey-eye make-up and gorgeous diamond earrings. Working the Great Gatsby look with a twist, it's fair to say the Barbadian beauty knows how to ensure all eyes are on her. Everyone surprised she's even wearing underwear to be honest at award. 

    Sexy Rihanna nacked back

    Rihanna show Up her nipple

    Rihana is naked in sequin dress

    Rihanna is naked

    Rihanna is neked at award
    Rihanna still looked flawless in a sequin headscarf and dark smokey make-up


    1. I like the dress but really wish she had worn proper undergarments. Oh well, she really likes to push the envelope with fashion. That is the reason she was honored. I really like that she has such an eclectic style. She is as comfortable in haute couture as she is in a t-shirt and ripped jeans.




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