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    How To Do Facial at Home Step-by-Step

    hey guys, so today we are going to do home facial in this post. This is very easy, you can do it every month yourself and save lots of money. Let's begin facial at home.

    Step 1 Face Wash: the first step is to use face wash gently. I've already used Garnier Kesar face wash. 

    Face Wash

    Step 2 Cleansing: the second important step is cleansing. This helps to remove all the dirt from face even after washing your face, rub this face cleanser all over the your face with the help of your finger in a circular motion and take a cotton boll, to take it out from your face. It is very important to take out the make-up close to your nose area under the eye area so just gently use the coat cotton to clean out all the make-up from your face. 


    Step 3 Exfoliate: the third step is exfoliate, I'm going to use Himalaya White Face Scrub. Take a twenty of finger tips, rub the finger tips in a circular motion and then gently scrub your face for 10-15 minutes. When you scrubbing take a water drops in between and then be will help of finger tips. You can scrub forehead, cheeks, area close to nose, to your lips and if you want to fill some air in your mouth and then use hand in circular motion. This also helps to increase the blood circulation gives a very nice massage to your skin and it helps to remove all the dead skin caused due to sun and it remove anything out of skin. You need a facial sponge. I'm using this facial sponge. Take warm water and just wipe everything out of your face. 


    Step 4 Massage: The fourth important step is the Massage. I'm going to use Biotique Bio Coconut whitening & Brightening Cream. Take a twenty of palms, just gently apply it all over the your face and this is the most important part of your facial because the way you massage your face this will help you to reduce all the puffiness, take out all the stress from your face it also help to reduce the appearance of fine line and rankles, if your massage have in very good way for 10-15 minutes , it will also give that healthy and glowing face to your skin and you will have the younger looking problematic free face. You also need some stress from your eyes and your face so you can just use few steps to massage your face very gently and that's it. This step is very important it also gives you lot of relaxation. 

    Face Massage

    Step 5 Steaming Pores Cleaning: The most important part is step 5 which is steaming. It's clean out all the dirt from your face. Take hot water in a bowl and use any towel to cover your face in the front of hot steam for 10-15 minutes. After 15 minutes your skin will be very clean. The steam will go inside your prose and will put out all the dirt from the skin. This is an exceptional step, I don't do it every month, I do it every two or three months but this will also help to reduce and clean all the blackhead, whitehead and everything which can cause acne and pimples. Clean your skin deeply for remove pimples from your skin. 

    Steaming Pores Cleaning

    Step 6 Face Pack: The final step is a face pack, I'm going to use Garnier peel off face mask. Just apply it on your face, taking two cucumbers on your eyes and sleep for another 20 minutes until the face mask dries. Don't read anything, don't watch TV, just relax so that you are completely relaxed after 20 minutes take out this mask it peel off from the face so lovely, I just love it. Then just take a cotton boll and deep it in clean water completely out your face. Your facial is done.
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    mask peel off

    The final step is applying a moisturizer or sunscreen and apply it. Now your are healthy and you have a healthy glowing skin. I hope you enjoy it. Please don't forget to share it and subscribe us. For more tips continuously visit our website.


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