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    Best Hot Sex Positions To Become Hotter

    It won't always be easy to become hotter in your sex life. It requires some skill and coordination to become hotter. It gives both of you an erotic rush. Here are the some good ideas and position to become hotter in your sex life, follow these position hotter sex.  

    Bliss or Pleasance on the side: Blish position is the best hottest position for sex. In this position both of you stimulating to each other's hot spot. Toss your legs on your man's shoulder and your man lying on your sides. You can enjoy it for a long time if you feel a little lazy and want to go at it. 
     Hot Sex Positions
    Man Up Position: Man up sex position is totally intimate and give you both a new thrills . It's also best for easy kissing and proper eye contact plus, enjoy it as relaxing you. Rock your bodies against each other as you can. 

    Man Up Position

    The Clip Position: If you want to something hot in a day try clip position as it best. Sit down on your man while he lie on his back and he can support herself with her hands. Go continuosly up-down and enjoy it. 

    The Clip Position

    The Seduction Position: It is the best for men and it needs flexibility or skills. You can start off on your man knees and then lean back-ankles under her buttocks, arms above her head. The man leans and kneels over her with all his weight supported on his forearms.

    The Seduction Position

    The Close-up Position: The close up position is difficult to do but very enjoyable or hottest moment when you do it. Your man spoon you lying behind on you, go slowly and enjoy it. 
    The Close-up Position


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