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    A Great Collection of Romantic Things to Do After Sex

    Sex is the amazing and the foreplay is ferocious, add some extra activity in your bed after sex it help you to get more closer to your partner. As a source, after the sex man's body and brain goes into a rest state, he feels tired whereas woman's brain stimulated and intensely desires bonding. Yes, that is a big problem for a man but don't stress man, we have big idea's and some romantic moves that satisfied both of you.

    Compliment: After sex keeps flattering with your partner that is keeping him from dozing and he is surely gonna stay conscious for this performance. So recall the erotic phenomena with him. Use body lock and straighten your legs. Also use dirty talk that stay him for a long time, it leaves a sexy impression.
    Compliment Sex

    Massage: After sex man fully hand-off and tired, Massage is a great way to maintain your physical connection for a long time. Touch yourself starting at the chest, takea deep breath as you can do it and lets him know you are still excited or keep sly smile. Push and touch your fingertips along his back and butt that make him feel energized.
    Wife Massage

    Shower: Take a shower after sex, it is the best thing to invite him to take over. Water stimulates blood flow and keep awake than guide his hand into your legs and continuesly down.

    Touch Yourself: A Man need some time to recover to start again, the time they feel tired and pressure. So you have an amazing time now and you can show him you are still excited and try touching yourself to your body in the bed. 
    Touch Yourself


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