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    100 Simple Mehandi Designs

    Simple can be beautiful. Less can be more.
    The above tag line is always true in our life and as well as for Mehandi designs. As we know mehandi is most popular and famous art from a decent ago and women as well as girls also use mehandi and design different pattern on the wedding or in any other function and event. In India, it is usually drawn different-different on the palm, back side of hand and on the feet. The design of mehandi includes flowers leaf, sun, circular motif and many other designs. Girls and boys also use mehandi for writing their lover's name on hand and girls write her husband's name on their wedding day. The purpose of design mehandi is beautify the body. 
              Now a day's, Mehandi/Henna is become a part of fashion trend and the more popular art to beautify a woman and girls hands and legs. In India, traditional mehandi is used but now a day's, colorful mehandi is used like red color as well as black. Black color is most popular in Arabic mehandi designs. So in this post, I'm going to show some of the best Simple Mehandi Designs but just something that is elegant and beautiful. 




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