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    8 Sexiest places to Have Sex

    Do you know that having sex in your life is the symbol of define love and a love connection between both of you but having regularly sex at home, it's boring. The great thing about getting sex at romantic places you can make your sex life interesting. So check out these 10 new sexiest places to have a great sex to keep your sex life interesting. 

     places to Have Sex
    1. In the Kitchen: I think the kitchen is the best place to have sex that is not only for cooking. Try your best as you can do it, swat your partner ass tight and play the game. 
    Sex in the Kitchen
    2. In the Swimming Pool: Having sex in the water or swimming pool is a great experience and enjoyable moment. Try this best place, water sex can actually dry up your natural lubrication. 

    sex In the Swimming Pool

    3. In the Car: Try sex is in the backseat of your car, it's the best place as often people think. But try one time sex in the front seat of your car with girl on top position. 

    Sex In the Car

    4. In the Shower: Take a turn into your shower without clothes and try your best as you can show your partner. You can also enjoy to wash each other

    Sex In the Shower

    5. In the Front of Fridge: Sex in the icebox is new to you. Try in the front of the fridge, it's cold air give both of you a thrill. You can also use some food into your play. 
    Sex In the Front of Fridge
    6. In the Park: Sex in the green place is a great experience, enjoy the stand-up nooky position as shown in the picture. You can use a little a little skirt to allow for easy access.
    Sex In the Park

    7. In the Tent: Try sex in the tent walls with simple position is the best idea for you both. 
    8. In the Boat: If you are swimmer then try sex in the rowboat at night. Sex on the boat is dangerous for you both but if you are a good swimmer then try, it's so hot. 
    In the Boat


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