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    Top 5 Nail Paint Trends in Spring 2014

    The weather is ultimately warming up and we're ready to treat ourselves to the first change of the season. Summer Outfits way in fashion, jewelery and make-up had changed in the same way that nail paint trends have changed. As per season these dividends change came, therefore, you can also increase the beauty of your nail by follow of these nail paint trends. 

    1. 3D Effect: In these days, 3D effect in nail is enough to see and become more popular. In this type of nail paints jail polish is used, Whereby design are created in nails. After that 3D effect create by putting Pearl and Stone.
    3D effect in nail Polish
    3D effect in nail Polish

    1. Red, Pink and Blue: This summer is in vibrant blue, red and pink nail paint trend. In it new creation also to see. If you don't want to design your all nail, then you can design it only in one easily.

    1. Velvet Look: Velvet look is also in trend in these days. In addition, matalik metallic color is also in fashion trend.

    1. Paint Shades: The shades are pulses in nails in this type of design. In it first shades are design by light nails. It is easy in use and seems look great.

    1. Half-Half Design: Half paint nails are also is in trend and fit in summer. In it two colors are used in one nail. In it you can also put shades if you want.


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